We believe in improving lives by developing people through knowledge and experiences, so that they can pay it forward.

We believe in improving lives by developing people through knowledge and experiences, so that they can pay it forward.

Intelligence in people

We do this by building companies in the global accounting industry that amplify collective human intelligence.

HG commercial companies include TOA Global, Ab2 Institude of Accounting and Business X.

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Creating lifestyle freedom and a positive impact for the accounting industry, through pople, education adn technology.



Our first venture started in 2013. We provided global accounting people to accounting firms.


Collective Brilliance



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accounting firms

We are now serving 800+ (and growing) accounting firms world-wide and building 3000+ careers for those in the accounting sphere.

More Time

Our clients have multiplied their time and capacity to grow and to concentrate on their business.

More focus

Owners and employees alike can now focus on their personal growth and build relationships with their families and communities.

More growth

We not only build careers but bring hope for a better life to our employees without having to become migrant workers and leave their homes and lives they’ve worked so hard for.

As TOA Global grew, we wanted to make these opportunities available to accountants across the globe.

There is an exceptional pool of accounting professionals in the Philippines, but all they needed was global experience to give them the edge.

Growing Minds, Building Careers.

We solved this by establishing Ab2 institute of Accounting in 2021. Ab2 offers world-class, internationally recognised finance qualifications, masterclasses, and short courses, built by industry experts who know what accounting professionals need to succeed. These cutting-edge training programs cover every stage of accounting careers with students graduating job-ready for the global marketplace.
Initially, we provided professional and personal development for the 3000+ employees of TOA Global.
Then, we opened our doors and made these opportunities available to New Zealand, Australian and North American accounting graduates , professionals and firms to upskill and fortify as they grow.
We have 400 graduates that have benefited from our accounting Accelerator program for ANZ and North America, placing them in careers with trusted partners and clients through TOA Global.
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Recognised for our extensive work and investment into the accounting industry, the Ab2 Institute of Accounting was awarded with seven LearnX accolades in our first year.

The Future

Humanverse is always innovating and forging new companies to complement industry needs and bolster our offering.

In the near future, we will be launching an NGO that will help us pay it forward and build with the communities we are active in.

Through our TOA Global careers program, we are leading the way in improving the workforce placement process to make finding top talent a streamlined and simple process for accounting firms.

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